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Co-written with Julien Bedoura


Dark comedy / Investigation / Based on true events

"The tire serial killer", here's how the local press of a small suburb of Toulouse refers to the mysterious figure who has been leaving nails on the street . At first, the inhabitants, whose tires are repeatedly burst, decide to unite against their common unknown enemy. However, when they realise that the culprit is one of them, everyone starts turning against each other and hell cuts loose.

On one hand, some people are greatly benefiting from the town's new-found media attention and are receiving plenty of fresh, sometimes suspicious, opportunities. On the other hand, some people are incredibly bothered by the increasing paranoïa and surveillance because it threatens to reveal their own darkest secrets.

Through camp and absurd humour, Le Semeur de Clous demonstrates how easily a tiny, usually insignificant object can wreak havoc amongst a community. The nails tear through the façade to show the core of human nature and asks us the question : do we all have a bit of a dormant nail-thrower hidden inside of us ?

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